Diploma in Trichology Hair Restoration Preventing Hair Loss & Herbal Hair Treatments

2 Day Course

Course Content

  • Causes of Hair Loss
  • Diet Recommendation to Different Scalp and Hair Loss Problems
  • Different Types of Scalp Conditions and Scalp Problems
  • Hair Lasers
  • Herbal Scalp Treatment
  • Herbal Hair Coloring Without Chemicals
  • Infrared High Frequency Ozone Treatment
  • Meridian Points Stimulation
  • Microneedling For Scalp and Hair Treatments
  • Prescribing Herbal Remedy for Different Scalp and Hair Loss Problems
  • Scalp and Hair Analysis
  • Scalp Microinfusion
  • Scalp Micropigmentation, Hairline Micropigmentation
  • Types of Natural Herbs and Botanic Extracts and How They Help Hair Growth
  • Understanding Hair Follicles, Scalp, Hair Growth Cycle

Course Content (Continued)

This course will help you better understand scalp health and hair loss. You will be equipped to analyze any scalp condition and know what can be done to treat it.

Other than herbal medicine, this course includes cutting edge hair growth simulation methods like micro infusion, hair lasers, meridian point activation, high frequency infra-red treatments.

Learn Herbal Hair Coloring. Cover grey/white hair with herbal hair coloring that is chemical free and has 6 colors to choose from.


  • Prevent Hair Loss
  • Improve Hair Growth
  • Remove Dandruff
  • Remove Excess Oil On Scalp
  • 100% Natural Herbal Products
  • No Chemicals Or Side Effects
  • No Medication
  • Covers Grey/White Hair
  • Results Guaranteed with Report to Quantify and Track Improvement
  • Learn to Treat Your Own Hair Loss Problem Or Make It Into A Profitable Business